Born in 1978, PANIRECORD designs, manufactures and sells worldwide equipments for craft bakery and pastry.

The company is specialized in dough shaping and offers a wide range of dividers, moulders, dough sheeters and dough proofers.

PANIRECORD machines have built, years after years, a strong image of reliability and robustness. They concentrate the most modern technologies, bring work comfort to their users, and respect the dough and the know how of craft men. Their excellent value for money make them necessary equipments appreciated by bakers and pastry confectionners.

PANIRECORD machines are sold on the 5 continents in more than 30 countries by a network of dealers which assure their sales, their installation and their after-sales service , with the support of our teams.

The PANIRECORD factory is located 100 km south of Paris in France.