Manual or semi-automatic intermediate proofers
for a better working comfort
and the utmost consideration of the dough’s natural cycle.

  • Compact to optimise storage capacity / m2.
  • Ergonomic and easy to use with automatic search for the “first” gutter
  • All-stainless steel frames for gutters, Arconet® fabrics.
  • Ruggedness that meets any challenge.

 RP Manual proofer

2 widths for 2 manual loading and unloading dough intermediate proofers

  • Compact (up to 360 dough pieces), on wheels.
  • Optimum use with F73 and F60 moulders.

BA Semi-automatic proofer

2 intermediate proofers with full manual loading and automatic unloading

  • Up to 480 baguettes.
  • Optimum use with F73 moulder.